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3 Steps to Take to Get Rid of Morning Headaches


1. Release Muscle Tension

Both migraines and tension headaches can be caused by muscle tension that builds up while you sleep or from the day before. If your muscle tension is caused by stress, then you're very likely to feel stiffness in your shoulders and neck, along with a headache when you wake up. Some studies suggest that manual therapy can help relieve and lower the frequency of migraines. Chiropractors can teach you how to release muscle tension yourself with special exercises and stretches that you can use between treatment sessions.

2. Realign Your Vertebrae

Misaligned vertebrae, usually in the cervical neck area, can sometimes be a cause of a migraine, tension headache, or chronic headaches in the morning. Manual therapy from a chiropractor can realign your vertebrae to release the pressure of your nerves that may be causing your headache.

3. See a Chiropractor Regularly

Seeing a chiropractor regularly is a good way to manage chronic headaches because there are some things that a good stretch or a crack of your spine can't fix. Not only will the frequency of your headaches decrease, but you may also find yourself more energizes and able to sleep better. Many headaches are caused by tension in the nerves, specifically those in the neck. If you want to get rid of your morning headaches, then turn to a chiropractor. Contact Necks to Heaven to learn more.

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