What Is the Atlas Bone and Why Does Adjusting it Relieve Pain in Lindon UT?

Chiropractic Lindon UT Atlas Bone

Greek mythology, Atlas was the God who held up the Earth on his shoulder. He was known for endurance. The Atlas bone received its name from this God. Your Atlas bone in Lindon UT is a cervical bone, meaning it's in your neck. Therefore, it holds your head and must do so day after day.

General Information About the Atlas Bone in Lindon UT

The atlas bone is a crucial bone in your neck. It's the first one, and it serves the purpose of allowing your head to move backward and forward. Your occipital bone, which is the trapezoid-shaped bone located at the back of your cranium, rests on the atlas bone. The atlas bone must remain stable to prevent neck pain and issues associated with a misalignment of a bone that is close to your head.

A common injury that affects the atlas bone is whiplash. However, any injury that moves the atlas bone, even slightly, can stretch the ligaments that support the bone because it's the only moveable bone in your spine.

Additionally, the misalignment can place pressure on the nerves in your brain stem. Unfortunately, this can impact you greatly since it can interfere with the nerve flow between your brain and body. It can particularly impact the muscles around your spine. In fact, they may tighten on one side.

Why Does Adjusting the Atlas Bone Relieve Pain?

First and foremost, when you undergo a cervical spinal realignment, your practitioner moves the cervical vertebrae, including the atlas, so they realign with one another. This alleviates any pain felt by the soft tissue surrounding the bone. Additionally, when your cervical bones are all in alignment, it takes the pressure off the nerves beside them. In terms of the atlas bone specifically, the nerves from your body to your brain may communicate without any interference. The muscles that tighten around your spine from the atlas bone being out of alignment will loosen.

Necks to Heaven offers a wide variety of treatments that help relieve your neck pain. We have a skilled practitioner on staff who thoroughly understands the complexities of the structure of your back and neck. Since neck pain can also lead to headaches, our practitioner can also relieve headaches and other pain in addition to back pain. Our practitioner uses gentle techniques that reach the root of the problem and focus on the atlas bone because of its vital role in the spine. Our practitioner specializes in the Atlas Technique.

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