What is Joint Clearing in Lindon UT?

Chiropractic Lindon UT Joint Clearing

Sometimes, you have certain issues in your joints that aren't meant to be, such as the formulation of scar tissue. This is when joint clearing in Lindon UT can come into play. Fortunately, when you opt for chiropractic care from Necks to Heaven, serving Lindon UT, and the nearby region, you may receive this treatment and benefit from it in many ways.

What does Joint Clearing in Lindon UT Do?

Joint clearing reduces or eliminates scar tissue within your joints. Scar tissue forms when an injury occurs in an area, so it's possible for scar tissue to form in your joints. The scar tissue can limit your mobility and cause you pain. During this treatment, a chiropractor uses a specialized technique to clear the scar tissue from the joints to optimize function and reduce or eliminate pain. Your chiropractor can perform this technique on various joints, such as your hands and shoulders.

How It Works

During a treatment, your practitioner manually moves the scar tissue from the joint area. Specifically, your chiropractor moves the bones in your joint gently. As the bones move back and forth, the scar tissue clears. Unlike a joint alignment or adjustment, the chiropractor won't pop or crack the joint.

Why Consider Joint Clearing

Besides the fact that joint clearing can help relieve pain and enhance function in your joints, you may benefit from the fact that this is natural. You won't experience unpleasant side effects or risk the possibility of addiction like you would with a pain reliever. During a joint clearing treatment, your chiropractor gets to the root of your problem rather than just covering it up. This particular treatment is also beneficial because you won't have any downtime like you would if you had a surgical procedure. You may return to living your life as normal after the procedure.

How Do You Know If Joint Clearing is Right For You?

Before you have this procedure, your surgeon will make sure you will benefit from this procedure and that joint clearing is right for you. One step in this process is to discuss with you where you have pain. You'll also need to undergo a range-of-motion assessment. Your chiropractor will visually assess your condition and touch the joint to feel if there's scar tissue.

You may also need some form of imaging, so your practitioner may receive a look at the inside of your joint. All of this helps your chiropractor know where the scar tissue is and if this treatment can help.

This treatment is beneficial for many. It may help relieve your pain with minimal risk to you.

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