Possible Causes of Stiff Neck and Headache in Lindon UT

Chiropractic Lindon UT Stiff Neck

A stiff neck and headache in Lindon UT can interrupt your daily life, interfering with your job, family time, and beloved activities. The unyielding muscle stiffness can last anywhere from a few hours to days or, in some cases, weeks. In order to prevent this pain, it is essential to know what triggers it.

Sleeping Positions

Awkward sleeping positions can cause a variety of aches and pains throughout the entire body. If your pillow does not provide the needed amount of support, it can lead to tension throughout your spine and upper body. Try investing in a memory foam pillow and make sure you are not propped up too high or not enough before you lay down for a good night's rest.

Poor Posture in Lindon UT

Our posture has been through trying times between scrolling through our smartphones and hunching over our desks at work. Over time, not standing upright can result in muscle strain. Taking a break from the office chair and phone screen by performing a few stretches or yoga poses centered around improving posture can make a big difference. Raise your computer monitor to ensure it is at eye level and invest in an ergonomic office chair or ergonomic chair attachments.


Stress is the all too familiar result of our everyday troubles. Stress-induced pain can affect not just your neck and head, but your entire body, causing muscle tension. Try stress management tools, such as meditation, exercise, and therapeutic massage. If you are suffering from stiffness, aches, or pains, call Necks to Heaven today to schedule an appointment. We work towards helping you lead a better life by analyzing your troubled areas for better treatment. Our goal is to provide you with results that lead you on the road to healing, which means fewer office visits and more time doing what you love.


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