Upper Cervical Chiropractic and the Immune System in Lindon UT

Chiropractic Lindon UT Immune System

Not too long ago, doctors were taught that the immune system operated independently of the nervous system. As with many modern medical theories, this one was eventually proven wrong. Modern medicine is now touting the neuroimmune system which comprises the interactions of the nervous/immune system in Lindon UT.

Lindon UT Chiropractor's Discovery

As a chiropractic student, I spent 100s of hours studying anatomy and physiology. This included many hours in the cadaver lab. I then researched the interconnectedness of the various parts of the body. What I discovered is that every part of the body is connected to every other part of the body in at least one way. This makes sense because the nervous system is responsible for carrying information to the brain where it is processed and interpreted. The brain is also connected to every other part of the body.

The importance of chiropractic

The goal of chiropractic is to make sure that the nervous system is unhindered by interference. This preserves the quality of information being transmitted and thus the brain can properly understand it and properly respond. When a bone misaligns, there is a cascade of responses that involve swelling of tissue and possible nerve compression. This is why chiropractic exists. By restoring proper alignment and mobility of a joint we are allowing the brain and body to properly communicate.

How does upper cervical care boost your immune system?

So how does this tie into the immune system? A healthy immune system can heal your body from nearly anything, but without proper communication, it will be weak/unable. It is comparable to the military in that if the headquarters loses contact with troops in the field, the troops won’t know what to do. They may keep fighting but will not be able to coordinate with other troops to strategize their attacks. The headquarters also wouldn’t know what was needed by the troops.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is particularly useful to boost the immune system because it focuses on the most likely place for communication interference. By correcting upper neck misalignment, the brain and body will be able to work at maximum capacity to fight off foreign invaders and reclaim the affected tissues. This is done by optimizing blood flow to and from the brain, relieving strain on the spinal cord caused by the misalignment and normalizing flow of cerebral spinal fluid to and from the brain.

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