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healing at the speed of sound

Using a specific analysis, we adjust the Atlas (the bone at the top of the spine) using a gentle sound wave. There is no cracking or popping. 




Dr. Sommers grew up with an interest in biological sciences that he pursued while at BYU-Idaho in the form of a B.S. in Biology. He then went on to attend Life Chiropractic College West where he graduated Cum Laude in December of 2015.


Dr. Sommers learned the EPIC technique at LCCW where he used it to treat his patients. As an intern he was in high demand among the faculty and clinic directors. After graduation he immediately went to Clearwater, FL to run the clinic that served as the headquarters for the EPIC technique. This was a formative experience where Dr. Sommers was able to step in and treat the patients with confidence while also getting one-on-one instruction from Dr. Stan Pierce Jr. who is the inventor of EPIC.


After a little over a year at this clinic, Dr. Sommers determined it was time to bring his family back out west and open a clinic of his own. Dr. Sommers is honored to offer his special care to the people of Utah.


Dr. Jereme Sommers
  • Better analysis leads to better treatment ​

  • Better treatment leads to better results

  • Better results lead to better healing

  • Better healing leads to fewer office visits

  • All of this leads to a better life​

x-ray with specific analysis



EPIC is a technique that focuses on the alignment of the top of the spine. This area is important because it has an impact on the brain's ability to communicate with the body as well as blood flow to and from the brain. Using a specific analysis, the doctor adjusts the Atlas bone using a gentle sound wave. There is no cracking or popping. 


Joint Clearing technique is used to clear away scar tissue in the joints. The doctor gently moves the bones of the joint back and forth until a change is noticed. The results are an increase in range of motion as well as decreased pain. This is done by hand and involves no cracking or popping.


Cold laser is one of the best ways to heal faster and more completely. We use ours for everything from Parkinson's to healing fractures and much much more. The first treatment is free!


The Rapid Release is a handheld device that 

vibrates at a specific frequency. It breaks up scar tissue within the muscles and stops muscle spasm.



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Lindon, UT, 84042

Tel: 801-980-3388

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