Chiropractic Testimonials

"All around wonderful experience going to this chiropractor. I never worry about neck pain anymore. Dr. Sommers has made my life so much more enjoyable!"

- Mary Kate M.

"I've known many chiropractors but Dr. Sommers is the first to genuinely solve my big complaints about the profession in general.

  1. Dr. Sommer's philosophy is to help patients as permanently as possible. He's not interested in keeping patients coming back whether they need it or not (what I call “chronic chiro syndrome.” This makes him trustworthy in my book. AND cheaper in the long run.
  2. He uses symptoms AND medical imaging to measure what's off, and then his treatments are based on what he knows is wrong. In other words, he doesn't practice a "one size fits all" form of medicine.
  3. He took the time to explain why I had my symptoms, and why his treatments will help. I loved this because it made me feel more confident in my treatment and the doc."

- Ian G.

"I saw Dr. Jereme today and was VERY happy with the results. I was having mid back pain, neck tightness, and some mild headaches. With one correction, my posture improved immediately and my pain went from a 6/10 down to .5/10. After taking a nap I was 100% better. Thank you, Dr. Jereme!"

- James B.


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