Potential Reasons for a New Daily Persistent Headache in Lindon UT

Chiropractic Lindon UT Persistent Headaches

There are a variety of different headaches that one can experience over the course of a lifetime. While many headaches last only a few hours, some can become new daily persistent headaches. Regardless of how severe a headache is, some may occur on a daily basis, which can make everyday responsibilities difficult. Dr. Sommers can help treat several types of chronic headaches through his chiropractic practice in Lindon UT.

3 Causes for Persistent Headaches in Lindon UT

A new daily persistent headache can be triggered by many factors. Diet, environment, and lifestyle can all play a role in physical and mental health.

1. Poor Sleep Quality

Proper sleep hygiene can cause persistent headaches on a regular basis. Many people assume insomnia is defined by lack of any or all sleep, but this is not the case. Frequently waking up in the middle of the night or having difficulties falling asleep can lead to poor sleep quality. Meditation and a consistent bedtime are recommended for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep, but other treatment is available if lifestyle changes do not work.

2. Changes in Blood Sugar

Diet plays a significant part in the body's ability to function. Even those who are beginning to eat a healthy diet may experience headaches due to the sudden change in blood sugar. Both high and low amounts of sugar can affect muscle pain and headaches if it is not properly regulated.

3. Medication Overuse

Taking over-the-counter medication for headaches can work wonders unless it is used too often. Chronic usage of headache medication can actually make headaches more likely to occur. Medication-overuse-headache (also known as MOH) is sometimes referred to as a “rebound” headache because it is brought on by the separate, initial headache that the medication was intended for.

Headache treatment can be performed in a number of ways. While medication is needed for some, other forms of natural healing also exist. Chiropractic services, proper nutrition, and a healthy sleep routine can all significantly benefit those who suffer from chronic headaches. For more information on chiropractic solutions for daily headaches, contact Dr. Sommers today.


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