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Is Spine Alignment the Cause of Your Chronic Headaches?

Few things can lay us out like a headache, and when headaches are chronic, they cause serious disruption to life. Headaches can be caused by many things, but what if your chronic headaches are related to your spinal alignment?

What Your Spine Does

To understand the relationship between spine and headaches, know first that your spine is foundational to overall health. It provides the structural stability your body needs for proper function, and it houses and protects your delicate (and important) nervous system.

Understanding Misalignments

Since your spine's main job is to protect the nervous system, it isn't surprising that when something goes wrong here, your nervous system will be especially affected. It's very common for the misaligned bone to irritate one of your nerves, causing headaches and other symptoms. In fact, one of the leading causes of migraines and other headaches is a misalignment of the spine. Sometimes this misalignment is the result of an obvious physical injury like a fall or car accident. But it can also come from years of bad posture, constantly looking down at a computer, or even excessive emotional stress.

Other Symptoms to Consider

Could a misalignment be behind your constant headaches? There's a good chance a misalignment is the culprit if you're noticing any of the following symptoms:

  • Reduced flexibility

  • Tight, tense muscles in the back, shoulder, or neck

  • Inflammation and pain in your joints and ligaments

  • Greater difficulty sitting up straight

Fixing Your Chronic Headaches

Exercises and stretches are a helpful way to keep the spine healthy, but they often aren't enough, and especially if you haven't caught the issue early. But a gentle adjustment by a qualified chiropractor using the EPIC technique can bring fast relief and allow your spine to go back to doing its job. Don't live with constant headaches when you don't have to. Contact Dr. Jereme Sommers today and get started on a pain-free tomorrow.

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